Mobile lost – quick tips on data backup and financing

If the phone is lost, this is annoying for the owner. If an unlawful owner does not hand over the phone, he can get sensitive data. Since the classic mobile phone was replaced by the smartphone, the use has deeply intervened in the lifestyle. Banking, online shopping, or taking pictures and videos can all be done by digital all-rounders. The devices are also expensive, so that the loss of the mobile phone is associated with a financial loss. In order to keep this damage as small as possible, a precaution can be taken by data backup and further measures.

Legal and financial consequences

Legal and financial consequences

Cell phone lost: problems and damage

If the cell phone is lost, the delivery is possible in a lost property office or at the police. Most likely, this is for smartphones that do not have a high value. Often, however, the phone remains gone. To keep the damage as low as possible, data backups of the mobile phone should be made on a regular basis. It is also important to lock the screen. The security systems built into the mechanisms ensure that the unlawful owner can not access the sensitive data. Unlocking is often possible with a deletion of the entire system . In this case, all data, such as the virtual credit card, would be lost and could not be manipulated. If the setting of a lock has failed and no regular backup has been made, it can lead to a permanent loss of data.

This includes:

  • Photos and videos
  • Telephone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses
  • Conversations via WhatsApp and other messengers
  • important documents (Excel, Word, Powerpoint)

A deliberate theft of data or abuse is possible if the smartphone gets into the hands of a person with criminal energy. For this reason, the data should be backed up regularly . In addition, it is important that apps that contain sensitive data be protected. This can be a face recognition, a password or a personal fingerprint .

The following security measures are important:

  • Set up the smartphone lock
  • Define secure unlock code, fingerprint or face recognition
  • Regular backup of photos and videos (use cloud services)
  • Regular backup of all data (use cloud services
  • Set password protection for banking apps
  • No storage of PINs or passwords on the smartphone

These measures protect data from data misuse and can be restored from the cloud.

Which legal and financial consequences does the loss of the service phone have?

For service phones, too, data backup is important. Often the backup on servers of the company is possible. A loss or theft must be reported to the employer immediately. For the person concerned, only in rare cases have financial consequences, because the service cell phones are usually insured. If this is not the case , the employer can ask for a compensation . For stolen data, the employee must be liable if they could get into the wrong hands by intent or gross negligence .

Measures after the loss

Measures after the loss

If the phone is lost, the financial loss of the powerful mobile phone is a big nuisance. Danger is in default when it comes to the theft of data . In the worst case, the bank details get into the wrong hands and the wrongful owner gets the money or can place orders with a stored credit card. To prevent fraud of credit cards and personal data and accounts, action should be taken immediately.

Blocking of credit and debit cards and password change

If credit card or EC card data has been stored in the mobile phone in order to facilitate cashless payments, these should be blocked immediately. If there is access to the personal bank account , the passwords should be changed immediately . This applies to all passwords that have been stored in the smartphone.

Tracking attempt of the smartphone

Both mobile operators and manufacturers of smartphones offer a location of the smartphone . This only works if the smartphone is switched on and connected to the mobile network. Otherwise, only the location of the last login can be seen. In this way it is possible to find out where the phone was lost. This can be helpful for a search.

Remote locking or remote deletion of the smartphone

If the phone has been lost, remote locking or removal is a good way to prevent abuse. This works if the remote locking mechanism has been set up in advance. Subsequent installation is no longer possible. The remote lock causes an unauthorized user with the smartphone nothing more can do. For modern devices, this lock can not be bypassed by reinstalling the operating system. A remote erase removes all data so that it can not be misused for other purposes.

Lock the SIM card

A blocking of the SIM card is carried out via the mobile service provider. If the SIM card is locked, a new one can be ordered and placed in another smartphone . In addition, the unlawful owner no longer has the ability to negatively affect the cost of mobile phone bill. A SIM card lock should be performed immediately if the loss of the smartphone is noticed.

Blocking the SIM card is one of the most relevant measures when the phone is lost

Refund of an ad to the police

It is possible to report the loss of the smartphone to the police. This is especially necessary if the phone was stolen . It is an offense that is prosecuted by the police and the prosecutor. In this context, it may be possible that the smartphone is found.
The display can be submitted in person on a police station or via the Internet. The more information can be made in connection with the loss of the smartphone, the higher the chances of finding the phone. The police have extended possibilities to locate the mobile phone and to analyze data.

Ward off phishing attempts

The term phishing is an attempt to intercept data from a user. These include, above all, account numbers, passwords and the query of credit card numbers and e-mail addresses . These data are evaluated by hackers and used to enrich themselves in an unlawful way. If the smartphone is stolen and data gets into someone else’s hands, the email address is often affected. Hackers try to use the address to send fake mails from online department stores or banks. The recipient is prompted to enter TAN numbers, account numbers or sensitive data. In this way, data thieves get access to the account. If suspicious mails reach the smartphone after the theft, it is important to immediately report them to the affected banks and the police. In some cases it is possible to locate the originators of these mails.

Change of all passwords

If the phone is lost, all passwords should be changed. When changing passwords, secure passwords should be selected. It is important that these passwords are not related to the old password. A combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters is a good choice because it can not be easily guessed and is therefore considered safe.

Measures after loss of service cell phone

If a service cell phone is lost, the employer must be informed immediately. In this course, it should be discussed who takes care of further measures. This depends on how the service phone is used . If the employer allows private use, the employee must take care of his own data. The employer may also instruct the employee to endeavor to secure the official data. The procedure depends on the competences and tasks of the employee . However, the responsibility for the operational data lies with the employer.

Costs and fees


A loss of the smartphone is usually associated with costs. First and foremost, the value of the cell phone is lost. High-end smartphones currently have so many features that they can almost completely replace a computer. This is reflected in the price, because the cost of a new smartphone can amount to 1000 euros.

What costs can be incurred by the loss of mobile phone?

Many smartphones are purchased in conjunction with a cell phone contract or on credit. If you lose a cell phone that has been funded in this way, there are additional costs for the cell phone owner. Interest and installments have to be paid , as the smartphone is financed over the entire term. This is particularly annoying when it comes to a newer device that has been funded over a two-year period. For low earners, the loss represents a particularly high financial cost, since the money for the new phone due to the low income has long saved.

Cost of mobile phone tracking
The location of the mobile phone is offered by many mobile operators for free . There are also service companies offering these functions. This is particularly advantageous if the location by your own provider did not work or was disabled. External providers can often help. The cost is up to 15 euros per location. Many providers grant a discount on the query from the second location .

Buy a new mobile phone
The value loss for the smartphone is higher, the younger and more expensive the device was. Depending on the type of device and the personal claim, costs for replacement of between 500 and more than € 1,000 may be incurred .

How can the additional costs be financed?

It is not always possible to pay the new mobile phone out of salary or savings. A Lear loan helps bridge short-term financial shortages. The state-regulated instant loan offers short maturities, low interest rates and a fast payout . This is an ideal option for buying a new smartphone.

Preventive measures


It is important that the phone is worn on the body or in a handbag . It should not be kept in the open hand. Smartphones like to awaken the desires of thieves.

How to prevent data loss in case of cell phone theft or loss

Who steals a foreign cell phone or keeps a loss, would like to enrich themselves. He wants to use or sell it himself. If the smartphone is locked, an enrichment is not too possible. For this reason, various measures should be taken:

  • Securing the data
  • Write down IMEI numbers
  • Smartphone insurance

If the unlawful owner can not use the smartphone as desired, the chance of being handed over to the police or a location increases.