Housewife Credit – Now rent a housewife loan up to 3,000 euros online

The term housewife credit covers a wide range of possibilities. As a rule, this term summarizes loans that are needed by people without their own income but with a permanent partner. In most cases, these are small and manageable sums that can be quickly repaid.

What is a housewife loan?

What is a housewife loan?

In most cases, housewife loans are needed to finance household repairs and replacements, bridging a short-term financial bottleneck. Household allowance loans can usually be re-used within less than 30 days thanks to the regular budgetary support available.

Ways for housewives to get a loan

Ways for housewives to get a loan

Getting a loan as a housewife is not easy. House banks and many other credit institutions rarely lend small loans and usually require high levels of collateral. The alternatives are now sown rare. You can turn to a mostly dubious credit intermediary. This usually requires a high processing fee and helps in the rarest cases to success. But on the contrary. In most cases, you pay money and in return do not even get a loan.
A personal loan is a common alternative for housewives. But first, you must have friends or relatives who are able and willing to award such a loan.
With the Small Lender you have a simple and, above all, fast option for you to get a short term credit as a housewife. Without embarrassment and without the risk to get a dubious provider.

Tip: With second borrowers higher chances on the housewife loan

If you want to apply for a homemaker loan, certain collateral is needed. With a normal loan, these guarantees are usually guaranteed by regular income. With a credit for housewives without their own income, these collateral falls away. Take the opportunity to register a second borrower in the housewife loan. This borrower should have a regular income and a sufficient credit rating. This additional security makes the awarding of the housewife credit much easier.

Pay off your Housewife Loan Immediately: Credit Benefits from Small Lender

Choosing a Housewife Loan with Small Lender offers many benefits that are currently not even offered by banks or individuals.

With our fast and free loan calculator you can immediately and in detail see what costs are to be expected with a housewife loan. Since Small Lender does not charge any processing or commission fees, you can see all costs transparently.

The credit inquiries at Small Lender are Bank neutral. This means that requests for your home loan will not lower your credit rating, as is usually the case. With us inquiries go so for loans without Bank.

Small sums for repairs or replacements in the household you need quickly. With Small Lender you can get the housewife loan transferred to your account within 30 minutes. Thanks to the fast immediate payment, you do not have to wait long for the desired amount.

Debts are often uncomfortable. With the Small Lender Housewife Credit, you do not have to go long, but thanks to the very short maturities, you can pay off your debts quickly. This allows you to bridge financial bottlenecks quickly.

Housewife’s credit without income and without guarantor

It is of course possible to apply for a homemaker credit without own income and without guarantor. However, this is not necessarily the best option. On the one hand, the chances of lending fall significantly. After all, it’s about the certainty that you will be able to repay the housewife’s loan. But even if the loan application is approved, such a loan is only partially a good idea. Because to ensure the reliability, increase without collateral or without guarantor, the lending rates significantly. It is therefore advisable to at least have a low income or even easier to have a guarantor if you want to apply for a homemaker credit. With the small amount of credit lines, guarantors can be easily found in their own family.

How to take a loan as a housewife

How to take a loan as a housewife

To apply for a Small Lender Housewife Credit, you need to go through three simple steps.

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Step 1: Select the loan amount
Choose comfortably in the loan calculator of Small Lender the sum you need for your housewife credit. In addition, select the desired runtime. You will immediately receive the estimated interest on the loan.

Step 2: Make your loan application
Once you have determined the sum and term, you can immediately fill out the loan application with your personal data. In addition, upload the required documents and your credit application can be processed by Small Lender.

Step 3: Get verified
With Small Lender, you do not have to wait for long post-identification procedures, but can be verified without the hassle of paperwork. The Videoident method makes it easy to verify yourself on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Your application for housewife credit will be processed much faster and more effectively.

Housewife’s credit without cost


The housewife loan with Small Lender is not only safe and comfortable, but also for the applicants without risk. While there are a lot of costs waiting to be borne by the dubious providers, such as processing costs, down payments or high completion rates, everything at Small Lender remains transparent and secure. As a borrower, you only pay back the loan amount you want including the agreed interest. You do not have to pay in advance for our instant home-loan or pay dubious fees. With Small Lender, you pay only what you have agreed openly and transparently: the loan amount and the interest.

How much does a housewife loan cost?

Let’s say you have a broken washing machine and you need to quickly find the money to replace it. They apply to Small Lender a housewife loan over 30 days in the amount of, for example, 400 €. After a short time the money will be transferred to your account. After the agreed term of 30 days you have to repay a total of 404.64 euros to Small Lender. You have thus paid for your housewife loan effective interest in the amount of 4.64 euros.
If you need the loan for 15 days before new money is transferred to your account, the interest rate decreases significantly again. If you need 500 euros to repay them within 15 days, you have to pay for the housewife credit interest in the amount of 2.90 euros.

Requirements for a credit housewife loan

Requirements for a credit housewife loan

Even housewives must meet certain conditions for a loan. Among other things, they must be of legal age and have their permanent residence in Germany. Also an account with a German bank is needed. A good credit rating is also important, even if the Small Lender Housewife Credit is also possible for people with a medium Bank score.

During the credit agreement, you will need to upload various documents to submit your loan application. These include the signed customer master agreement, the signed service contract with the Small Lender AG and a scan of identity card or passport with confirmation of registration. If available and possible, you should additionally have your own proof of income or proof of income from your guarantor or the second borrower.

So you needed:

  • Your identity card or passport with confirmation
  • Your account connection
  • The service contract
  • The customer master agreement
  • A proof of income from you or the second borrower or guarantor

Housewife credit without Bank

Housewife credit without Bank

Inquiries for a housewife loan are Bank-neutral with Small Lender. This means for you that the mere request for one does not affect your Bank ranking. However, you must not confuse this with the common term “housewife credit without Bank” or with “loan offer despite Bank”. For the terms “without Bank” or “despite Bank” are used in most cases by dubious providers and imply that no credit check is made before the loan is granted. This is not only dubious, but also grossly negligent.

Small Lender always carries out a direct credit check. The special feature : You can also get a homemaker credit, if your Bank score does not correspond to the absolute optimum. Thus, you have significantly better chances than other banks to get a quick housewife credit.