Credit Grade Inquiry

Banking terms, known as credit ratings and credit rating points, are necessary for people to benefit from services. These points are necessary for the banks to evaluate their customers. Thanks to these scores, it is possible to benefit from the use of credit from banks, credit card usage and other similar services. Thanks to the records kept by the Credit Bureau, credit rating queries can be made.

People who want to reach the scoring systems made by ACC and want to learn their own credit register grade can make inquiry to Good Finance credit score, question from banks or question from telephone operators. With these reports, Good Finance sheds light on the future plans of individuals and businesses.

How to make credit grade inquiry?

How to make credit grade inquiry?

Banks and private institutions provide support to customers in terms of loans and other services. Cash can be used in a short period of time, especially with the use of loans. In order to carry out this transaction and to use the urgent cash needs, the credit register note must be correct. It is necessary to benefit from the services provided by Good Finance for questioning the credit register.

As a member of the website for the service provided online, a credit record can be inquired in detail for a certain amount. It is also possible to get your credit record for a certain fee by getting help from the official websites of the banks where they work.

Questioning credit note from mobile phone


It has become possible to carry out these operations within the scope of the services provided by mobile operators. It is possible to learn the credit rating by SMS within the scope of the services that have emerged in cooperation with ACC. With this detail, people can get references that reveal their past payment performance. You can get detailed information about learning credit grade from the continuation of our article.

Credit rating inquiry with Good Finance

Credit rating inquiry with Good Finance

The Credit Registration Office, which was established through banks, serves on the Good Finance official website with the purpose of seeing the calculations of grades for individuals with both an individual and corporate identity. Those who wish to make a credit rating inquiry through this website should apply to Good Finance membership first. This process is completed in a very short time. By entering personal data and identity information, the membership process is completed.

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Upon completion of the membership process, an identification number and password must be entered. After this stage, help should be obtained from the credit note inquiry button on the screen. After clicking this button, you will be able to receive your credit rating, that is, your past payment performance report, within a short period of time. The credit rating of the person who Good Finance free membership is offered as a one-time interrogation procedure.